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Employment contracts, severance agreements and non-compete agreements present numerous legal challenges to both employers and employees. Each side needs written assurance that its interests regarding compensation and ability to work and to compete fairly will be protected.

The attorneys at McDonald Pierangeli Macfarlane, PLLC, have extensive experience both in drafting enforceable contracts that address parties' full concerns and in representing employees and employers in contract disputes.

We are knowledgeable regarding the specific clauses that contracts need to include to protect clients' rights. We have created hundreds of non-solicitation, employment, severance and non-compete agreements, and can protect clients' rights regarding trade secrets, client lists, compensation, benefits, confidentiality and a broad range of other issues. We have also handled disputes involving termination, the taking of client lists and other proprietary information and other disputed issues addressed in employment-related contracts.

The enforceability of employment agreements involves both the wording of the contract and the law. For instance, non-compete agreements must be reasonably limited in scope, geographic area, and length of time. We can assist clients on both sides of non-compete agreement disputes and other employment disputes.

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