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How SSDI can help those with mental illness

When many people think of disability coverage from Social Security, they think of someone who cannot work due to a physical injury or impairment. However, SSDI also covers many people whose ability to work is affected by mental illness. SSA looks at both physical and mental health when evaluating a claim.

How Might The SafeSport Policies Impact You And Your Barn?

The Equine World is closely watching as the new SafeSport Policies (hereinafter "The Policy") are being implemented. Many coaches and participants wonder what impact these new policies will have on trainer/rider relationships; or relationships between any adult member of the USEF and members under the age of 18. Further, the Policy has a far-reaching effect on social media and "electronic communications" between adult and minor participants. Some of these changes are unclear how they will be implemented, leaving many with more questions than answers. What follows are a few considerations participants should keep in mind as the new Policy is implemented.

Equine Law: Buy/Sell Agreements, Protecting Your Horse As An Investment

We all enter into contracts on a regular basis and have become complacent and often unaware to these binding agreements becoming an all-encompassing part of our lives. We would never dream of buying a house or a car without a contract; nor would we purchase a boat, motorcycle or even household appliances without some form of written document. Even services as simple as cell phones or cable television are subject to pages and pages of contractual agreements designed to give the provider and consumer protection if the deal goes sour. So why haven't buy/sell agreements become as pervasive in the Equine world?

No-Fault Reform, Reformed

Changes have been made to the Michigan No-Fault law, again. Less than a week after sweeping changes were signed into law, a problem was found; insurance rates were going up, the exact opposite that was promised by lawmakers in Lansing.

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