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Marijuana may be legal, but drugged driving is not

On Behalf of | Oct 11, 2021 | Criminal Defense |

Michigan has long been at the front in terms of marijuana laws. It was the 13th state to allow for medical use back in 2008. In 2018, it became one of the states that also allows for recreational use. There are now dozens of dispensaries all over the state where you can buy legal marijuana without a special license or any sort of prescription from a doctor. 

In many ways, the relaxing of the marijuana laws has made it similar to alcohol. You still cannot buy or sell it in an unlicensed manner, but those who are over 21 years old can buy it from legitimate businesses that have all of the proper authorizations in place. It is not illegal to possess or use this marijuana, no matter what form it is in. 

Impaired driving is also addressed like alcohol

Remember that if you think of sales as being similar to alcohol, you also have to think of driving in the same vein. Drunk driving is illegal here, as in every other state, and Michigan also prohibits drugged driving. Do not assume that the legality of marijuana means that you can drive while you’re high. This is still prohibited and can lead to very serious charges if you’re arrested or if you cause an accident. Any type of impairment behind the wheel is still illegal, even when the substance itself was purchased legally. 

What are your options?

If you do get arrested on suspicion of impaired driving, it can change your life. You must know what legal options you have.