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Restoring your Michigan driver’s license after an OWI

On Behalf of | Jul 29, 2019 | Criminal Defense |

For most, the value of a driver’s license is not apparent until it’s gone. Not having a driver’s license can make it very difficult to get to work, see family or even get to a grocery store. Driver’s licenses can be revoked for many reasons, but the most frequent reason for a revocation in Michigan is for convictions for two or more OWIs. 

All license revocations in Michigan are for a minimum amount of time. Typically a first revocation is for at least one year. However, once the minimum time has passed you may be eligible to apply to have your license restored. Unfortunately, getting your driving privileges back is far more difficult than simply waiting a year.

Why restoring your license can be difficult

Driver’s license restoration can be frustrating. Here are the reasons why many people are unsuccessful trying to do so on their own:

  • The burden is on you to prove that your substance abuse problems are under control and that you have abstained from alcohol and controlled substances.
  • You must also prove that the risk of repeating your past abusive behavior is minimal, that the risk of repeating the act of OWI is low or minimal, and that you have the ability and motivation to drive safely and within the law.
  • Practically speaking, for most people this means showing that you are now completely sober and that you have a plan to stay sober or a solid support network to keep you from drinking. 

The process begins by filling out an application to the Secretary of State, gathering the necessary documents, having a drug screen completed, and having a substance abuse evaluation. While at first glance the process may seem fairly straight forward, there are a great many pitfalls that can be made. There are strict time requirements for all of the documents and failing to accurately or completely meet the requirements can result in a denial. 

Once your application has been submitted, the Secretary of State will schedule your matter for a hearing in front of a hearing officer. Adequately preparing for the hearing is easily one of the most important steps to be taken if you hope to succeed. At your hearing, the hearing officer will ask you many very difficult questions and your ability to answer them competently and truthfully will make or break your case. 

If you are serious about getting your license back, having an experienced attorney to guide you through the process is well worth the investment. We will ensure that you are eligible for reinstatement, guide you through the application process, assist you in obtaining the necessary documentation, thoroughly prepare you for your appeal hearing, and aggressively advocate for you at the hearing. 

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