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Can jail really help a drug addict?

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2021 | Criminal Defense |

A person who’s arrested for possession of an illegal substance will usually have to spend some time in jail. For some, the incarceration will come as part of a sentence. Some have questioned whether putting drug addicts in jail serves any good purpose.

One thing that incarceration does is punish the person. However, his doesn’t necessarily help them to overcome the addiction that could be at the center of their criminal case. It’s a vicious cycle that can continue perpetually unless it is broken by the person becoming sober and staying away from the substances they’re addicted to. This isn’t easy, but it’s often possible with some help.

What could help drug addicts avoid recidivism?

The pull to get the drugs they need is one of the reasons addicts are often in and out of the criminal justice system. For this reason, rehabilitation-based programs like Drug Court are often used to help individuals break the drug addiction so they can learn to live a life that doesn’t involve drugs.

Drug Court and similar programs are overseen by the court. These programs are aimed at helping people who are addicted to drugs avoid relapsing after they achieve sobriety. This can help to prevent future arrests. These programs usually focus on non-violent individuals who simply need a helping hand instead of just being locked behind bars.

Anyone who’s facing criminal charges should ensure they understand their rights. They also need to learn about the options they have for their defense strategy. It’s possible that people who are facing charges for drugs might have some options that are time sensitive, so swift action is imperative.