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3 common reasons for the denial of an SSD claim

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2023 | Social Security Disability |

You should apply for social security disability (SSD) benefits if you have a physical or mental condition that makes it unable for you to work. Social Security Administration allows online applications, making it convenient. However, if you are not careful, your claim can be denied.

The following are three reasons this may happen.

Not submitting proper documents

You need several documents when applying for SSD benefits. Examples of documents needed are your birth certificate or proof of birth, proof of U.S citizenship or lawful alien status, U.S military discharge papers for those who were in the military before 1968, medical evidence, tax details and proof of workers’ compensation benefits you received. The administration will ask for original copies of some documents and can accept photocopies of others.

You should get more information about the documents and types you are required to submit and how you can send them to avoid costly mistakes.

Lack of medical evidence

Medical evidence is integral in SSD claims. This can take different forms, depending on the condition in question. Examples of the medical evidence you can provide are physical examination and tests, treatment notes, mental health treatment, imaging (X-rays, MRI and CT-scan, among others), medications, blood work, your doctor’s notes excusing you from work and so on. Not providing enough evidence or lacking it altogether may lead to the denial of your claim.

You should gather all documents related to the illness. The Social Security Administration needs to be certain you have the condition, and it affects your ability to work.

If your SSD claim is denied, you should seek legal guidance to learn more about your case and determine the most suitable solution.