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Michigan law recognizes different types of assault

On Behalf of | Oct 20, 2020 | Criminal Defense |

Most people believe that assault and battery charges are all the same. After all, assault is just what the term says — one person physically attacking or assaulting another, right?

Unfortunately, it is not that simple in most cases involving assault. For example, Michigan classifies different forms of assault in its criminal code depending on the facts of the situation and severity of injuries. While some charges might appear to be similar, it is important to identify and differentiate the charges that you face and the consequences. Depending upon the specific assault or assault and battery charge against you, the outcome of your case might impact your freedom and your entire life.

Some of the most serious assault charges that defendants in the state face include the following.

  • Assault with the intent to do great bodily harm
  • Assault with the intent to murder
  • Assault with the intent to rob while armed
  • Assault with a dangerous weapon
  • Assault by strangulation or suffocation

Additionally, certain circumstances can result in much more serious charges. For example, if the alleged victim is pregnant, the charges and consequences will become much more serious. If the unborn child is injured or the pregnant woman suffers a miscarriage, a defendant could be looking at significant time behind bars.

A conviction can impact your life negatively in other ways as well. Examples include loss of personal relationships and difficulty finding housing or employment.

It is vital to build a strong criminal defense if you have been charged with assault of any kind. Most defendants have the best success when they choose to work with a lawyer. This approach allows you to explore the criminal defense options at your disposal with professional guidance. It also provides you with an experienced advocate committed to helping you protect your rights.