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Don’t let self-checkouts lure you into shoplifting

On Behalf of | Jul 29, 2021 | Criminal Defense |

If asked to give an example of shoplifting, many Grand Rapids residents might respond that a person who hides items in their clothing, backpacks or purses is shoplifting. But the rise in technology has brought about a different kind of retail theft.

Self-checkout registers are present at most of the larger chain grocery stores in Michigan, as well as all over the nation. The introduction of these registers has increased the incidents of shoplifting that occur in retail stores. But that is not the only change they have brought to the industry.

A new breed of shoplifter has emerged

Since self-checkouts have become ubiquitous, they have introduced a new breed of shoplifters who never before would have considered pocketing a gadget at the hardware store or stashing s scarf in their purse. Somehow, the idea of “forgetting” to pass a few items over the scanner at the self-serve register is not viewed as egregious in some people’s minds.

Other methods shoplifters employ

Those detained for shoplifting may also have allegedly swapped out barcodes for expensive items with those that are far cheaper. Or they may stand accused of weighing an expensive item as one that is quite inexpensive.

Shoplifting convictions can be life-altering

Getting a conviction for shoplifting on your record is serious business. It can permanently bar the door to many types of employment, cost you student aid opportunities and even prevent you from accessing some social service benefits, like being able to live in public housing.

Launch a stalwart defense to your charges

You may have a perfectly innocent explanation for the situation you now face after a shoplifting arrest. Remember to retain your right against self-incrimination and ask to speak to a criminal defense attorney before giving any statement to police or prosecutors.