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3 reasons people in Michigan still go to jail over marijuana

On Behalf of | Jun 9, 2022 | Criminal Defense |

Michigan first legalized medical marijuana and then took the plunge and legalized recreational marijuana for adults 21 years of age or older. These days, there are dispensaries all over the greater Grand Rapids area where you can walk in and buy a massive assortment of different marijuana products. 

You can also grow your own marijuana. Despite the changes in law, you could still find yourself accused of a drug crime because of marijuana. When do people still get arrested for marijuana in Michigan? 

When they grow or possess too much

There are limits to how much marijuana you can personally possess at one time. There are also limits to how many marijuana plants you can grow. If you have too much marijuana or too many plants, your possession or cultivation might lead to criminal charges. 

When they sell without a license

You can grow your own marijuana, but that doesn’t mean you can sell it to someone else. Those who want to legally transfer marijuana need special state licenses to do so and will need to collect and pay special taxes. If the police catch you transferring marijuana to other people for money without a license, you could face charges. 

When they drive while under the influence

While marijuana itself is legal, driving after using it is not. If someone gets behind the wheel while their ability to drive is affected by marijuana, police officers might pull them over and then arrest them. 

Recognizing the limits to legalization in Michigan could help you avoid drugged driving allegations or other criminal charges that stem from violating Michigan marijuana laws.