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3 time-related qualifications for SSDI benefits 

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2023 | Social Security Disability |

If you’re seeking SSDI benefits, you have to qualify as having a disability. The Social Security Administration has a specific definition stating what a disability is to them. This may not be the same as what you would think of as a disability or the same as what a disability would be under an unrelated law, such as the ADA. It’s important to understand the difference.

Largely, the SSA is considering time. The first qualification is that your injury or impairment has to keep you from being able to seek gainful employment. But there are three different time-related qualifications for how long it has to do so.

Is your disability going to last for a year?

First and foremost, you may need to get medical evidence showing how long a doctor believes your disability will last. The SSA pays out to those who are going to be disabled for 12 months or more.

Has it already been a year since you became disabled?

Similarly, it’s important to note that the SSDI process can be long and complex. You also may have been dealing with the disability before you even attempted to apply for benefits. If it’s already been a year, then you qualify.

Is your disability likely to be permanent?

Finally, there are some disabilities that are either going to lead to your own death or that will at least last for the rest of your life. In the case of a permanent disability like this, you will also qualify.

These are just three things that you want to keep in mind when seeking disability benefits. As noted, this can be a long process, and it is often very complicated. You must know what legal steps to take to give yourself the best chance of receiving the benefits you deserve.